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CSGO Boosting Service: Take a Step Beyond the Questions!

A person may not readily give their account details to avail of csgo boosting service from anyone in the promise of a higher rank. This act is understandable. There are a lot of fakes out there. Who would want to get duped for experimenting a lot? But here are some things to investigate before one makes a final stand.

Can your account get hacked?

  • If you are worried about the chances of the booster hacking your account, you need not stress. The person playing your account has your password, but the booster can only play the game with it. He can receive the incoming messages to your account but if you specify to leave them unread or not replied the professional will comply.
  • One may be scared that the booster would steal their account by changing the password. But the password change is usually done through the registered mobile number. This is possible if you have a steam guard. So one should enable it for account safety.
  • One has items and inventories in the account and those are prone to stealing. But one can rest assured knowing that the inventory would be closed during the csgo boosting service. When the steam account is logged in from a different location, the account cools down for seven days. This results in the booster not having access to them.
  • A professional player may get blacklisted if they are caught doing such acts. It is the end of their career. The gaming world is tight-knit and information travel. A person that has a reputation of being scandalous or has a bad review, it would tarnish them.

There are a lot of questions in the boosting field but there are answers that will satisfy the questioner if one looks carefully. Boosting is safe but one should not be complacent in the research to ensure one is not duped.